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5 Best Aicok Juicer Reviews: Top Masticating Juicer in Market

Over the years, juicers have become an important part of our healthy lifestyle, since they help us to get our daily dose of vitamin and minerals. On the other hand, juicers are very convenient too. Most people think they have to break a bank in order to get their hands on a good masticating juicer. Trust me, that’s a myth. There are still a few great juicers that don’t cost a fortune.

Today I am going to unleash a set of Aicok masticating juicers which offers great value for the money. Design, performance, affordability, these masticating juicers has all of them. In this Aicok Juicer reviews, I have covered total four masticating juicers from Aicok which has gained so much popularity for some obvious reason and you are going to find all those below.

So with no further ado, let hit the business

Top 4 Aicok Juicer Reviews

1. Aicok Juicer AMR521 Masticating Juicer (Best Aicok Juicer)

If you want variety in your daily juicing, then you might want to take a look at this Aicok slow juicer. Style, design, and performance, this very model is holding the lead in all way. It comes with all the core features that an ideal masticating juicer should have. With this Aicok Juicer AMR521, you won’t have to stress about the quality of juice.

This very model comes in two color blends, orange-black, and green-black. It is a compact juicer which has a classy look that will surely suit any modern kitchen or countertop. Anyone can expect high-quality juice brew from this unit, for some obvious reasons. I have used a bunch of Aicok juicers but I personally love this one the most, and once the reasons are described you too will start loving it. Let’s go

First of all, this machine has a low speed. You might be thinking that’s a drawback of this model but no. That’s one reason why I love it so much. Since it runs at low speed it doesn’t create any heat which might eliminate the nutrient, vitamin, and enzyme from the juice. And because of slow speed, there will be less oxidation in the juice. In result you will get an enhanced taste of juices will essential nutrient and vitamins.

I am pretty much sure, you also don’t like juices filled with pulp, right? Who would love that? However, this Aicok juicer eliminates that problem. It separates juice and pulps nicely; you will get pulp-free juice. And also has a good capacity of juice yield. On the other hand, cleaning is also very easy. All parts are dishwasher safe but you might have little rough time cleaning the lid of the juicer.

This AMR521 juicer uses 150-watt power and is lightweight. The total weight of this unit is 3.4kg. As mentioned earlier it has a slow motor which rotates at 80 RPM. The manufacturer offers three years of warranty, nevertheless, check wisely before you buy one. Plus, the price is also reasonable according to the quality of the juicer.

Key Specs

  • Uses 150-watt power.
  • The weight is 3.4Kg.
  • Motor runs at 80 RPM.
  • ETL and UL certified.
  • Reverse switch.
  • Pulp Ejection.
  • Two different colors.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Three-years warranty.

Things I liked

  • Very easy to clean and operate.
  • Offers high-quality juice.
  • Can juice different fruit and vegetables.
  • Runs noise-free.
  • Pulp and juice separator.
  • External pulp ejection.
  • Reverse switch to prevent clogging.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Since the motor runs at low speed, juicing takes time.
  • This model is not ideal for blending hard items such as ice or frozen foods.

Things I didn’t like

  • Since the motor runs at low speed, juicing takes time.
  • This model is not ideal for blending hard items such as ice or frozen foods.
  • Narrow feed chute.

2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor.

This is another top-rated Aicok cold-press juicer that is trending for its amazing capabilities. The Aicok Cold Press Masticating Horizontal Juicer is almost similar to the previously reviewed juicer, it is the new release of Aicok and I know juice lovers are really curious about this one. Though Aicok has never failed to satisfy their users, let’s see what how better this one is.

Let me start with the operation of the juicer. It’s very simple, people who are using a juicer for the very first time will also be able to make juices in this machine. It is equipped with an AC motor and that is not high-speed. The motor runs at 80RPM and I would suggest this much speed only for fruit juice. If you are planning on to juice vegetables, you better stay off this one.

Like the previous one, this one also has a reverse system that would help you with the clogging issue, this feature is not something every juicer offers. If you have a space issue in your kitchen or countertop, this Aicok slow juicer could be a great catch for you. The size is compact which can be store almost everywhere you want.

Cleaning is always an issue for people who have a busy schedule and thankfully, like most Aicok machines this juicer also have saved you. It’s not that it doesn’t require cleaning, it does. The satisfying part is, cleaning this is hassle-free. Since it comes with less part and that allows you to clean this machine quicker. On the other hand, all the parts are BPA-free.

If you have gone through the previous review you must know the perk of slow juicers. As they don’t create any heat the nutrients, mineral, and vitamins remain the same. Plus, you can store juice up to 72 hours in the juicer, the taste and other things will remain the same. However, I don’t appreciate that my advice would be to get the juice refrigerated as soon as possible.

If you have gone through the previous review you must know the perk of slow juicers. As they don’t create any heat the nutrients, mineral, and vitamins remain the same. Plus, you can store juice up to 72 hours in the juicer, the taste and other things will remain the same. However, I don’t appreciate that my advice would be to get the juice refrigerated as soon as possible.

The motor is advertised as noiseless, but it does make a little noise. Very little noise should not be an issue. It also comes with a good yielding and juice storing capacity. The Aicok offers three-years warranty, so you don’t have to stress about the durability of this Aicok slow juicer. And lastly, you will barely find a few good models at such low price in the market right now.

Key Specs

· Dimension 17.5 x 11 x 9 inches.

· Weight is 10.55 pounds.

· Three years’ warranty.

· BPA-free parts.

· Motor runs at 80 RPM.

· ETL & UL certified.

· Reverse option.

· Rubber feet.

Things I liked

· High yielding capacity.

· Easy to use and clean.

· No clogging.

· Powerful auger.

· Affordable price.

· No nutrient lost.

Things I didn’t like

  • You won’t be able to make juice faster with this model.

3. New Aicok Masticating Juicer Upgraded Model of 2018

Here comes another Aicok model with even more cheaper price tag on it. This New aicok cold press juicer has a different design than other two aicok juicers I have reviewed earlier. Before I get started with the review, I want clear out one thing which is, this very masticating juicer is not for a large family. In fact, I would recommend this unit only for two people. Go down, you’ll get the reason.

The overall design is impressive enough to suit any modern kitchen or countertop. And the size is very small which makes it suitable for people who don’t have much space in their kitchen. Moreover, the size will make it really easy for you to carry it anywhere. The manufacturer has used high-quality plastic on this machine so it should last for a long time unless it drops from a good height.

It comes with a one-touch operation; you can guess how easy it is to operate this very model. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose juicer which can extract all kind of fruits and vegetables. Actually, it can, but I would suggest you put only soft items in this juicer. Trying to extract hard items can reduce its life span. You can use all kind of vegetable and fruit to make juices in this model.

As it is a slow juicer, it takes a good amount of time to prepare you juice. But because of the slow process you will get tasty, nutrient, vitamin, and mineral rich juice. It has a good extracting capacity and also separates pulp from the juice nicely. And even better, it comes with an external pulp collector which means you don’t have to stop the machine in order to insert pulp into the juicer.

The juice jug of this model is very small and that’s exactly why I recommended this model for two persons. Cleaning is as usual very simple like other aicok juicers I have reviewed here. The manufacturer has used all BPA-free materials in this masticating juicer. With this model, you will get a juice jug, pulp jug, a recipe book, a cleaning brush and a user manual where you will find clear instructions.

Aicok gives 3-years warranty for this juicer. Overall it is a great juicer if you compare the price of this juicer with other models. If you are looking for a small masticating juicer for you, you can’t get wrong with this one.

Key Specs

· Weight is 10 pound.

· Dimension is 13.8 x 11.1 x 9.8 inches.

· Uses 150-watt.

· Three-year warranty.

· Offers manual & recipe book.

· Runs at 60 RPM.

· Tritan and PEI safe material.

Things I liked

· Cheap price tag.

· High-quality juice.

· Comes with juice & pulp jug.

· Offers a recipe book.

· Easy to clean and operate.

· Nice pulp separator.

· Impressive design.

Things I didn’t like

· Small juice jug.

· Won’t run more than 10-minutes in one go.

4. Aicok Auger Slow Masticating Juicer.

And here comes the last review of this article and it is a vertical juicer from Aicok. The Aicok Auger slow masticating juicer. Smoothie, apple, carrot, wheat grass, you name it, this vertical juicer will squeeze any fruit or vegetable you put on it. It is an all-rounder, classy look, high performance, it literally has everything we need from a juicer.

As the name suggests, it is also a slow juicer and runs at 80RPM which is why the juice doesn’t lose any mineral, vitamin, and nutrient value. Moreover, slow juicing will allow you to store the prepared juice for up to 48 hours and the taste will still remain the same. But I would advise getting the juice refrigerated as soon as possible for better taste.

It comes with an external pulp collector which is very convenient, enables you to insert the pulps even when the machine is on. And it has high juice yielding capacity, though it yields less pulp. The auger of this aicok juicer is larger than the horizontal juicers and large auger helps in faster juicing. This juicer can operate for long period of time without being heated.

And here is the best part. This very model comes with three different filters which are Fineness filter, Coarse filter and sorbet filter. These filters are suitable for different types of juicing such as, for spinach, wheatgrass, beet, carrot, leafy green vegetable, orange, kale, chard, you would need the fineness filter. The coarse filter is for strawberry, pineapple, apple jams.

This juicer doesn’t make much noise, its quiet compared to other models. Since it is a vertical juicer it also doesn’t take much space, so you can easily place it on your countertop. And the design of this juicer will sure give any juice lover a hard time taking their eyes of this model. On the other hand, operating is very simple but cleaning could be a little hard.

Moreover, this model doesn’t come alone, it brings a couple of things with it as well. I have already told you about three filters and with the filters, the manufacturer also offers a cleaning brush, food pusher, pulp jug and juice jug with. And of course the user manual. The price is extremely reasonable; this is the best cheap masticating juicer you would probably find in the market right now.

The manufacturer has used stainless-steel material on this very juicer and that makes it highly durable. Did I say about the food pusher? It also brings food pusher with it. When the feed chute or the extractor pipe is clogged, food pusher helps a lot to get rid of clogging. Aicok offers a two-year warranty for this juicer.

Key Specs

· Product dimension 16.7 x 13.7 x 8.1 inches.

· Product weight is 4.9 pounds.

· Vertical shape juicer.

· Two-year warranty.

· Comes with three filters.

· Juice & pulp jug.

· Food Pusher.

Things I liked

· Great design.

· Comes with filters and jugs.

· Durable.

· Good yielding capacity.

· Quiet machine.

· Easy to operate.

· Multi-purpose machine.

· Affordable price.

Things I didn’t like

· This juicer is not for hard items such as ice or frozen items.

· Cleaning takes little time.

· Little pulp yielding.

Which Things to Consider Before Buying a Masticating Juicer?

Spending money to get a juicer is easy, what is hard is picking up the best one. If you value your hard earned money and don’t want to end up wasting money on a piece of crap, follow the guide given below. In order to get the best masticating juicer, there are some certain factors which you should check before taking any purchase decision. I have demonstrated all of them below, have a look.


Masticating juicers are also known as Cold press juicer and come in two types. Vertical and horizontal.

Vertical cold-press juicer: One major reason why vertical juicers are so popular is because of their compact design. People who have a small or busy countertop, these juicers can fit there nicely. On the other hand, vertical masticating juicers come with a cap that allows you to mix juices inside the chamber. Plus, cleaning them is very easy.

Horizontal cold-press juicer: These are also known as slow juicer which comes with some extra juicing functions and suitable for juicing green leafy vegetables. Most horizontal juicers can fit in multiple kitchen tasks such as making pasta, but butters, mincing things and so on.


Different juicing machines come in different colors and shapes. You should consider the design factor when you don’t have much space for a new juicer in your kitchen. Compact juicers are ideal for busy kitchen or countertops. They are too easy to store and comes with less part to be cleaned.

Pulp yielding capacity

Before buying any juicer everyone should check the pulp bringing capacity of the juicer since pulp consists a lot of needed nutrients and also improves the taste of the juice. However, masticating juicers has higher pulp yielding capacity than others.

Pulp store

As I said back, the pulp is a great source of essential nutrients, so wasting them is not a good idea at all. Look for a juicer that comes with a pulp container.

Pulp ejection facility

Some slow fruit and vegetable juicers offer pulp collector which is placed either internally or externally. Internal pulp collector will cause you to stop the machine to eject the pulps and external pump collector will allow you to eject pulp when the machine is working.


It is one of the most important factors that should be considered before buying any juicer. You have to choose the power of the motor depending on your daily juicing ingredients. If you would be juicing leafy vegetables that you would need to go for a powerful motor, 400-watt minimum. Less powerful motors would not give you the exact taste.


Noise is not an issue for most people but it could be very irritating for rest of the family members when you use the machine multiple times in a day. Generally, centrifugal juicers are the loudest, slow juicers don’t make much noise. But still, if noise is an issue for you, try to choose one with less noise.

The speed of the juicer

Speed has a lot to do with the juice quality. I know, all of us want to get their juice as fast as possible but that’s not how it should be. Speedy juicers will surely give you fastest juice delivery but the heat it creates damages nutrients and vitamins. This is one reason why slow juicers are trending nowadays.

Feed Chute

Feed chute doesn’t have anything to do with the juice quality but the right feed chute will save your time. Narrow feed chute will require diced fruits or vegetables to be in it and will cost your time. So choose a juicer that comes with wider feed chute that would accommodate the entire vegetable or fruit such as carrots, apple, cucumber, ginger, potato, etc. in it.

Cleaning duration

If you would be able to spend much time cleaning the machine, it would be wise if you one that wouldn’t take much time to get cleaned. Juicers needs to be cleaned after every use since you would be drinking the juices prepared there.

You should choose a compact juicer that comes with fewer parts, more parts will take your more time. On the other hand, make sure you choose a juicer which can be dissembled easily, it would be easier for you to clean.

Ease of use

If you will be operating a masticating juicer for the very first time, it’s better for you to choose a juicer that comes with less complicated functions. Otherwise, you will get frustrated on the first go. Choose a juicer that is easy to operate, assemble and disassemble.

Jug capacity

Another most important factor. What would it feel like if you have to empty the juice jug in the middle of juicing just because the jug doesn’t have enough capacity? Don’t know about you but that’s absolutely not something I would like. So pick a juicer that has a 1000ml jug, 1000ml enough for holding juice of 1kg fruits or vegetables.


Make sure you choose a juicer that comes with a long cord which will allow you to operate the machine even when the power outlet of your house is not close to you. It would be nice if you get a juicer with cord storage, that would save your countertop from looking like a mess.


Show over! In this Aicok juicer reviews, I have tried to provide you with all the needed information’s. To be honest, all if there four Aicok masticating juicers are a great option for the juice lovers. On the other hand, the comes at a reasonable price too. However, if you have any confusion or want to discuss anything, hit me up through the comment section, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy juicing!!!

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